Both formal and informal meetings are taking place every day in any organisation in New Zealand.

Are accurate records of key business decisions being recorded? Who were the key decision makers? Does anyone know what happened in the meeting and what decisions were made and carried and ideas discussed and motioned? Are your business units effectively implementing decisions made after the meetings are concluded?

The PD Training Minute Taking Training course will enable you to understand the important role of a minute-taker as well as efficiently recording all the important information discussed in a manner which makes reporting and follow-up fast and easy.

This action packed day will include fun, mock-meetings and activities run by one of our expert minute-taking trainers and is now available throughout New Zealand, including Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington.

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Your Learning Outcomes
Minute-taking Training Course

After completing this course participants will be able to:

  • Recognise the importance and outcomes of minute-taking
  • Identify and record action items during board meetings
  • Develop skills in active listening, critical thinking, and organisation
  • Understand and customise meeting agreements
  • Record three types of minutes, including formal meetings, informal, and action items
  • Prepare and publish minutes with perfection
  • Take minutes in interactive board meetings
  • Write drafts, proofread and organise minutes
  • Build and maintain a minute book
  • Recognise the outcome of minute-taking for a particular meeting
  • Recognise the role of a minute-taker in achieving larger goals of an organisation
  • Deal with common complaints and difficulties faced by minute-takers
  • Perform the role with expertise using knowledge and skills
Duration: 1.0 day course


Minute-taking Training Course Reviews:

"Made me aware that there are different ways minutes are taken and the information required in some businesses, is quite different from the information I have needed to record."

Capital Training


"The course was great, very enjoyable and I got a lot from it. The only thing I would have found useful was more emphasis and practice on what information to take down. so for example, watch a video, take the notes then tell us what the points we should have got from it. We did a couple of exercises but wasn't sure if I had taken down the right info as we just had a discussion. Overall, it was a brilliant day."

Arrow International (NZ) Ltd


"The course was interesting and informative on what is quite a dry topic! Thank you."

Selwyn District Council


"The trainer kept the course going and adapted well to the different experiences and levels of expertise within our group. I learnt a lot from the trainer and also from the group. The trainer engaged well with everyone."

Department of Corrections


"I thought the trainer was very professional and full of energy to get through the material. I found the content very insightful. Thanks."

Individual Course Participant


"Our trainer James was excellent. Very easy to talk to and he understood our questions/issues."

"The discussions between those of us taking the training that were generated from the course content and the trainer's facilitation was really useful and supportive."

Ko Awatea Centre - Middlemore Hospital


"Kirsten did very well with how many questions I had asked, it helped with the fact that it was just me and Kirsten but anyhow the information she had given me was relevant and very effective in how I do my job."

Top Energy Ltd


"Very good training, especially for those needing a good general overview for all matters relating to minute taking. "

"Michael kept his presentation interesting and kept the course moving along and finished on time."

Nelson City Council


"The focus of this course seemed to be more about the personality profiles which was personally very interesting and extremely valuable. Vivienne was fabulous! She made the day really fun and guided us through the booklet with confidence and enthusiasm. I come away with new skills on the art of minute taking."

NZ Nurses Organisation (NZNO)


"This was a fantastic training course and I enjoyed Ian's style as I have a training background and he definitely had me interested from the start. I enjoyed his sense of humour and the way he broke up the day and learning modules. Ian is an asset to the course content. It was a fantastic day thank you!"

Ministry for Vulnerable Children, Oranga Tamariki


"Very enjoyable day. The focus on the actual structure of meetings I found very useful. We need to make changes at work but will depend on the CEO. Thanks!"

New Zealand Oil & Gas


"Kirsten was amazing, lovely person, very knowledgeable and helpful and ran the course at a great pace with lots of interaction. Very helpful, informative course."



"Kirsten was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and made the course enjoyable. We had a great interactive bunch of people."

Homes of Choice


"The most useful part of the course, was the exercise, when we watched the YouTube video of a meeting where half of the class had to write up minutes and the other half had to write what went wrong in the meeting."

Department of Internal Affairs


Selwyn District Council logo
I found the course interesting. The informal minute training is relevant to my job but the formal minute training is not relevant. I still enjoyed learning about what is required for this and if I ever have to do formal minutes in the future then I have a training manual that I can refer to for information. Thank you.
Selwyn District Council
Selwyn District Council logo
It was interesting and helpful to learn the different types of minutes that can be taken.
Selwyn District Council

Course Outline
Minute-taking Training Course

Download Minute-taking Training Course Outline


Improve your meeting outcomes in New Zealand with effective minute-taking

Effective minute-taking will enable your business units to solve many problems and complaints associated with running meetings. In the hands of a competent minute-taker, the skills taught in this course will enable managers and staff to effectively action efficiently recorded meeting items. 

You will also learn advanced styles of minute taking such as colour-coding and suitable methods for minute-taking in informal, formal and action meeting settings. 

Who will benefit by attending this workshop?

  • Administrative staff and Executive assistants
  • Recording Secretary
  • Administrative Assistant


Minute-taking Training Course - Lesson 1
Minute Taking
  • Welcome
  • Role Defined
  • Please define your role
  • What is your take away for today?
  • The effective Minute Taker
  • Problems that can be encountered and how you can overcome them
  • Reflection
Minute-taking Training Course - Lesson 2
Your winning style and how best to communicate with your Manager
  • LDP Review – Communication Evolution Tool
  • Reflection
  • Minute-taking Training Course - Lesson 3
    Active Listening
    • 5 Ways to improve your listening ability
    • Reflection
    Minute-taking Training Course - Lesson 4
    Set up for Success – Plan beforehand
    • Taking effective Minutes starts before the meeting has even begun
      • 1. Agenda Creation
      • Templates for preparation
      • 2. Room Setup up for the digital era
      • 3. Where to Sit
      • 4. Discreet Interruption Signals
      • 5. Communication Plan
    • Reflection
    Minute-taking Training Course - Lesson 5
    Determine What’s Important
    • Methods of Taking Notes
      • 1. Mind Mapping
      • 2. Smart Wisdom
      • 3. WHAT-WHO-WHEN
    • Do’s and Don’ts of Taking Minutes
    • Reflection
    Minute-taking Training Course - Lesson 6
    Minute Taking gone Digital
    • Revolution of Digital Minute Taking
    • Revolution of Digital Minute Taking with Apps (iPad, phone, laptop)
    • Reflection
    Minute-taking Training Course - Lesson 7
    Formal vs Informal
    • Formal vs Informal
    • Formal Meetings
    • Informal Meetings
    • Reflection
    Minute-taking Training Course - Lesson 8
    • Create an Action Plan
    • Accountability = Action

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    Public Class Dates for
    Minute-taking Training Course


    • Time: 09:00 AM - 04:30 PM
    • Small classes, average 5 people, max 16
    • Prices excl. GST
    • Lunch and refreshments included
    • Pay on Invoice or by Credit Card


    • Certificate of Completion (always available in the App)
    • Comprehensive courseware as books (& available in the App)


    learn more

    Location Date 1 Date 2 Date 3 Date 4
    Auldhouse Computer Training, Three Lamps , 338 Ponsonby Road Ponsonby NZ 1011
    May 6
    1.0 day course
    Filling fast
    June 26
    1.0 day course
    Filling fast
    July 28
    1.0 day course
    Filling fast
    September 18
    1.0 day course
    Filling fast
    Auldhouse, JacksonStone House, , Level 8, 11 Hunter Street Wellington NZ 6011
    May 6
    1.0 day course
    Last Chance!
    $0 for members
    June 26
    1.0 day course
    Filling fast
    July 28
    1.0 day course
    Filling fast
    September 18
    1.0 day course
    Filling fast
    Auldhouse, 13 Stanley Street, Sydenham Christchurch NZ 8023
    May 6
    1.0 day course
    Filling fast
    June 26
    1.0 day course
    Filling fast
    July 28
    1.0 day course
    Filling fast
    September 18
    1.0 day course
    Filling fast

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    Minute-taking Training
    4.76 out of 5 from 261 responses