Instructional Design Projects

Instructional design is the process of creating learning experiences for learners that enables them to gain the knowledge and experience they need to be effective in their roles.

Our Instructional designers have an intimate knowledge of adult learning principles and apply these principles to create learning resources that are accessible and meaningful for learners and build on their acquired experience.

We work on the principle of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). We appreciate our clients don’t care how clever our Instructional Designers are you care about how well your team interpret and implement their new found knowledge. With this in mind, all resources are created in a way that you can deliver the training internally. Their yours, you own them – we keep the process surprisingly simple that deliver great outcomes.

Our Instructional Design Process

PD Training’s instruction design process is based on two key principles:

  • Learner-centric design – understanding who the learner is, what will drive them, and keeping this central to the design process
  • A clear purpose – understanding clearly from the client what the learning goals and expectations are and working backwards from there to create the learning journey

We follow the Addie Model to create a learning program:

Addie Model | Instructional Design Projects | Instructional System Designers

Our Instructional Design Experience

PD Training has had the opportunity to design and create programs for clients with diverse needs including, geographically dispersed and language barriers, for entry level workers up to senior executives.

We have designed programs to equip emerging leaders with a range of leadership and management skills to highly specialised programs targeting specific skill and knowledge development. We have the expertise to create programs from scratch or use PD Training’s existing content as a foundation for program design.

We have a team of well-established Instructional Designers who have expertise and experience spanning over 20 years.

We work across all tiers of industry in both public and private sectors and have over the last 11 years had the opportunity to design programs for the following industries:

  • Local, state, and federal government departments & agencies
  • Oil and gas
  • Energy
  • Mining
  • Disability sector
  • Financial services
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Transport and logistics
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Telecommunications
  • Health care


The resources we provide depends on the project and what bests meets your requirements, however they commonly include:

  • Participant Manual
  • Trainer Manual
  • PowerPoint
  • Quick Reference Guides
  • Assessments
  • Make it Stick Packs (6months worth of 10mins training activities to keep the training alive)

All resources are provided to you in editable format and you have full unlimited ownership of everything we produced for you.

We will happily match your corporate style guide.

Have the bespoke training experience that you have always wanted and set yourself ahead of the rest. Invest in your people and get it right.