Effective facilitation skills are required for anyone tasked with managing groups of people in the workplace.  Every organisation has a need for good facilitators in almost every department.  The difference between being a good facilitator and a great facilitator requires both training and experience. 

This is a practical class that is suitable for all audiences and provides people with the tools that they can apply on-the-job (and in other contexts) the very next day.

This is an instructor-led class that you can attend from home or your office. 

We use secure Video Conferencing with interactive features such as live polling, screen sharing, whiteboards, live chat and breakout sessions. Please discuss your preferred platform, most commonly we use Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Webex or Zoom upon request.

These courses are facilitated in English, and are open to people from different industries across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong - this is a short but powerful learning experience that gives you global collaboration opportunities.

Our trainers and processes have been refined to give you a personalised learning experience where it is specifically targeted to your needs   see our outcomes in the reviews.

**Please note, these classes run to a very tight schedule, please follow the invitation and join the class 10-minutes prior to commencement so you are ready to participate and don't miss a minute!

Facilitation Skills Training - 3hours
Training courses for Live Online & Hybrid
Course name Length Outline Next class
Advanced Skills for Elite Personal Assistants and Executive Assistants - 3hours 0.5 day course 14 July
Coaching and Mentoring Training - 3hours 0.5 day course 12 August
Communication Skills Training - 3hours 0.5 day course 12 July
Conflict Resolution Training - 3hours 0.5 day course 20 July
Dealing With Difficult People in the Workplace - 3hours 0.5 day course 26 August
Email Etiquette Training - 3hours 0.5 day course 7 July
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training - 3hours 0.5 day course 21 July
Foundation Skills for Elite Personal Assistants and Executive Assistants Training Course - 3hours 0.5 day course 12 August
Giving Constructive Feedback Training - 3hours 0.5 day course 14 September
Knowledge Management (KM) Training - 3hours 0.5 day course 3 August
Minute-Taking Training - 3hours 0.5 day course 15 July
Negotiation Training - 3hours 0.5 day course 29 July
Sales Training - 3hours 0.5 day course 19 July
Supervising Others Training - 3hours 0.5 day course 19 July
Time Management Training - 3hours 0.5 day course 2 August
Assertiveness and Self Confidence Training - 3hours 0.5 day course 4 August
Business Writing Essentials for the Modern Workplace - 3hours 0.5 day course 27 July
Customer Service Training - 3hours 0.5 day course 22 July
Leadership Development Training - Become THE leader - 3hours 0.5 day course 5 August
Leadership Development Training - Managing your Team - 3hours 0.5 day course 5 August
Professional Telephone Skills - 3hours 0.5 day course 28 July
Managing Difficult Conversations Training - 3hours 0.5 day course 21 July
Body Language Training - 3hours 0.5 day course 9 August
Behavioural Interview Techniques Training - 3hours 0.5 day course 5 July
Facilitation Skills Training - 3hours 0.5 day course 9 August
Effective Delegation Training - 3hours 0.5 day course 13 July
Business Ethics Training - 3hours 0.5 day course 8 July
Overcoming Objections Sales Training - 3hours 0.5 day course 22 July
Recruitment and Selection Training - 3hours 0.5 day course 18 August
PPA - Building Team Synergy - 3hours 0.5 day course 3 August
PPA - Identifying Difference as Opportunities - 3hours 0.5 day course 12 August
PPA - Problem Solving with a Growth Mindset - 3hours 0.5 day course 9 August
PPA - Resilience and You - 3hours 0.5 day course 9 August
PPA - Taking Productivity to the Next Level - 3hours 0.5 day course 12 August
Managing Workplace Diversity Training - 3hours 0.5 day course 20 July
Managing Virtual Teams Training - 3hours 0.5 day course 28 July
Job Search and Application Skills - 3hours 0.5 day course 29 July
Job Interview Skills - 3hours 0.5 day course 29 July
Achieving better Time Management while working from home - 3hours 0.5 day course 2 August
Master Virtual Training - 3hours 0.5 day course 18 January
Practical ways of becoming more Resilient Training Course - 3hours 0.5 day course 9 August
The Art of Social Selling - 3hours 0.5 day course View schedule
Introduction to SEO - Online Instructor led 90-minutes 0.1 day course View schedule
Active Listening Training - The secret of great communicators! - 3hours 0.5 day course 12 July
Change Management - Understanding Change (90 Mins) 0.1 day course 14 July
Influence and Persuasion at Work Training - 3hours 0.5 day course 15 July

Your Learning Outcomes

After completing this course participants will be able to:
  • Understand the role and purpose of facilitating
  • Understand a decision-making process and how to apply De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats
  • Understand convergent and divergent thinking and when to encourage each
  • Understand how to exercise control when facilitating and how to deal with challenges
  • Understand how to facilitate virtually and the challenges that this brings
Duration: 3-hour course
Live Online Money

$100 Discount!

Every Live Online Class Booking Entitles
you to a $100 discount on an
in-person public class.
(Discount valid for 18-months)

Instructor Led

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"The presenter was fantastic and I will book other courses due to his expertise."

Public Course Participant


"I enjoyed Derricks session very much - he covered a lot of ground and shared interesting insights relevant to the topic."


"Derrick was a great trainer, very engaging and knowledgeable."


"It changed my whole outlook on facilitation and is probably the best training as a single day course i have ever done. I think i will build on it over a period of time."

-NSW Farmers


"Overall the trainer exceeded my expectations for a one day course. They very effectively shaped the course to suit the needs of the group. thank you excellent!"

-Lake Macquarie City Council


"I thought Noel was fantastic, and did not think I would have learnt as much as I did on the day. Loved the training, and the group work was great. Thanks for the session."

-Public Sector Network Pty Ltd


"The size of the class (1 trainer, 4 participants- 2 female/2 male) was a really strong balance to ensure we all got focused attention. working through the live practical example reinforced the process and structure information and tips given. We didn't use the booklets too much, most was conversational which was also very good but we do have the book to refer to. all in all, the course was highly valuable to me and I have recommended this to our business for other to complete."

-Robert Walters


"I found Noel to be an excellent trainer, I feel confident that I can take the tools/methods that she imparted and use them in my work. The course definitely met my objective which was to come away with practical tools on how to facilitate meetings and workshops."

-Robert Walters


"Small groups sharing experience and comments on various situations - A mix of presenting information and coaching style (asking questions and participants come up with their own answers) - Clarify the roles of a facilitator - Good tips on how to deal with challenging people and situations, group dysfunction, keeping the discussion on track and intervention methods"

-Predicate Partners


"Josh was a really engaging trainer. He was extremely natural in his delivery and really made the effort to make the course content relevant to our roles. I found the day to be really valuable, and am excited to give the techniques a go in my next meeting/training session!"

-McCormick Foods


"Training was very knowledgeable on the training topic and engagement. Would recommend course to peers who are looking to further develop their facilitation skills."

-Individual Course Participant

"Excellent course, very valuable knowledge and excellent trainer."

-Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services


"The handout given in class is very useful and designed in a way that is easy to understand and use. Josh is a fantastic trainer, so much energy, knowledge and passion for the topic. The start was a little overwhelming with information, however Josh guided us through it beautifully. Look forward to the opportunity to attend further training by Josh."

-Robert Bosch (Australia) Pty. Ltd.


"Joe is a fantastic trainer, I learner so much during the day. He customised the learning outcomes to our needs and built a rapport that gave me overall understanding and kept the involvement level high. The day flew by. Great course, excellent trainer."

-Individual Course Participant


"Class with minimal team participating gave us very good focused learning and this was helpful. LDP pre-work was amazing and helps us to understand where we stand."



"The training course (full day) was great. It was engaging, useful and informative. Time went very quickly - which is a good indicator of the time well spent!"

"The course was extremely useful and the trainer was very knowledgeable on the topic. I was very satisfied with the course overall."

-Elisha Roche


"This course is very practical in its application, with the skills learned to be used in the very near future by all participants. Our trainer Jill was also able to successfully integrate the group's specific upcoming requirements (a series of community workshops) into her course materials - which made the content much more applicable and significant. Jill provided an excellent best practice example of an effective facilitator in her facilitation of the facilitation skills course."

-Department Of Local Government, Sport And Cultural Industries


"Most useful - understanding the characteristics quadrant, though it would have been interesting to build on further, to know what characteristics others in the group had, and their take on how it affected their facilitation/participation. The first hour could have been compressed into 15 mins, and the additional time used at the end, when the group was just starting to open up and share valuable experiences and insights. I would have appreciated more group time given to the "what are difficult situations, and how you could handle them" - which was given as a follow up task. The manual was valuable to have as prior reading, but of limited use in the session."

-Peak Usability


"I found the course was suitably tailored to assist personnel with limited or no facilitation experience. Helen's insight and experience helped participants gain a better understanding of the role of facilitator and introduced activities that will undoubtedly assist facilitator to meet Objectives. Thanks Helen I found course extremely beneficial."

-Royal Australian Air Force


"The delivery of the course was tailored to the needs of the group (and the planned workshops which attendees will be conducting around the State in November). The trainer provided opportunities for attendees to facilitate parts of the training session which provided a valuable learning experience."

-Department Of Local Government, Sport And Cultural Industries


"I loved the way Helen used examples of facilitation to teach the facilitation course, eg the flipchart paper gallery method of getting groups to brainstorm ideas"

-Royal Australian Air Force


"I really enjoyed the course. It flowed well and the trainer was friendly and knowledgeable. I prefer to listen to the speaker rather than have my head down looking at a book. However, I'm sure it will be useful to refer back to. At this stage (only two days after the course) I have not yet gone back to it."

-Fulton Hogan Services


"All of the content was very valuable however I think the part that stands out most was the structure of how to facilitate and the reasons behind getting to know your participants. the profiling also was invaluable and how the facilitate to a certain type of audience was very interesting. I also like some of the theories behind why do things in a certain way depending on the personalities within the group. Thank you."

-Flourish Australia


"Joseph was fantastic. He really made the course interesting and informative. I feel I am more prepared to facilitate my next workshop."



"Derrick was excellent in his delivery, making the group feel engaged and creating a safe environment to learn and share experiences. He was very knowledgeable on the topic and I walked away with tools to use when it comes time to delivery workshops."

-Emperor Solutions PTY LTD


"One of the best courses I have attended. Thank you so much Andrew for a great day."

-Austin Health


"Derek really knew his stuff. We were a rowdy mob who all know each other well and he worked well with that to create learning opportunities e.g. it took an hour for us to agree on the ground rules but that in itself was a case study in facilitation where Derek demonstrated all the principles and techniques that were covered in the theory component."

"Great trainer. We probably weren't the easiest group but he was very patient, flexible and knowledgeable."

"This was much more useful and engaging than I anticipated. It was an enjoyable day and we learned some really practical tools that will help in my work."

"Great trainer Valuable discussions Good mix of trainer led and group activities."

Qld Department Of Health - Audit Risk and Governance Branch


"This was a very informative session. Keep up the standard."



UnitingCare Community logo
Really loved Kelli's presentation style.

-Uniting Care Community

Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations logo
I got a lot out of the sessions and am grateful for some of the tools that can help me in the future. Thank you very much. the course was relevant to my needs and the trainer was engaging and knowledgeable - never a dull moment and wasn't pushed into doing things or put on the spot. enjoyed the 2 day session and didn't think 'oh no I have another day of this!'

-Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations

UnitingCare Community logo
Kelli was an excellent presenter/trainer- very knowledgeable and also made the training interesting and enjoyable. I learnt quite a lot through the training and felt very encouraged by Kelli, who was very helpful. I will definitely be passing on good feedback to my organisation and contacts.

-Uniting Care Community

Pacific National logo
Very happy with the training delivery package. Will recommend. Thank you PD. Good material that will be useful in my role.

-Pacific National

Browns Plains State School logo
I liked the structure of the course. Wasn't too formal.

-Browns Plains State School

De Poi Consulting logo
I enjoyed this course. I found it simple but very informative. thanks.

-De Poi Consulting

QMI Solutions logo
Very happy with the learning style, contact and interaction from the facilitator.

-QMI Solutions

QMI Solutions logo
We want more! please come back and do some more work with smaller groups.

-QMI Solutions

Department of Environment and Resource Management logo
Our trainer was excellent. She tailored the day to our particular needs, and she was very flexible - allowing us extra time to discuss issues of most relevance to us. She was engaging and very adept at making people feel very comfortable talking about themselves and issues in a way that work colleagues might find difficult ordinarily. I cannot recommend her highly enough as a trainer.

-Department of Environment and Resource Management

Department of Environment and Resource Management logo
Presentation of the training was to a very high standard!!! Very impressed!

-Department of Environment and Resource Management

Biota logo
Practical application in the course, scenarios and discussions were spot on. The instructor/facilitator lead by example throughout. Haven't looked at the student manual. I thought the trainer was excellent.

-Biota Holdings

Biota logo
I found the group exercises ("lost in a blizzard" and passing the ball in 2s) were very effective in illustrating the concepts of teamwork and SMART.

-Biota Holdings

Smartsalary logo
Very helpful application ideas to help make our presentations more professional and poignant.


Western Australian Institute of Sport logo
Feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to have one on one training with Rini who was very knowledgeable, and thorough in meeting my specific needs.

-Western Australian Institute

TAL Insurance logo
An Excellent course that reinforced facilitation skills and the highly experienced trainer taught using real life relevant examples.

-TAL û Life Insurance

Empire Aubusson Rugs logo
The second half of the course was exactly what I was after. My needs were a little different than the rest of the class, but our trainer, Jack, took the time to make sure all my questions were answered. It was a very powerful and fulfilling day. A five star day...!

-Empire Aubusson Rugs

IAG logo
Awesome trainer. Hopefully she will be on the advanced course. A+++++


New Horizons logo
I loved this training and the trainer.

-New Horizons

More happy clients

Course Outline
Facilitation Skills Training Course - Online Instructor-led 3hours

Download Facilitation Skills Training - 3hours Course Outline


Facilitation is often referred to as the new cornerstone of management philosophy. With its focus on fairness and creating easy decision making, good facilitation can help any organisation have improved staff communications and interactions and ultimately make better decisions.

This Facilitation training course will give participants an understanding of what facilitation is all about, as well as some tools that they can use when facilitating small meetings with staff.

Looking for something more advanced? Try the Advanced Facilitation Skills Training Course

Facilitation Skills Training - 3hours - Lesson 1
Making Decisions
  • Tell Me Again, Why are We Here?
  • Divergent and Convergent Thinking
  • Building Consensus and Inclusive Solutions
  • Reflection
Facilitation Skills Training - 3hours - Lesson 2
Maximising Interaction
  • Exercising Control
  • Encouraging Participation
  • Dealing with Challenges
  • Reflection
Facilitation Skills Training - 3hours - Lesson 3
Virtual facilitation
  • Preparation
  • Technology
  • Maintaining Engagement
  • Reflection

In-House Training We’ll focus on what matters most to you and tailor to your context

Live Online or Hybrid Class Tailored to Your Needs

When you want a tailored learning experience targeting exactly what you want without bringing everyone physically together, the best choice is a Live Online Class run by PDT.

We tailor the content and activities to be specific to your current needs and the needs of the people and run the course in our usual activity-based workshop style training, however, the participants can all be offsite, or some can be in the room with others offsite.

We use secure Video Conferencing such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom on request that includes enhanced collaboration features such as One-click content sharing, real-time co-annotation (people can work together in activity files), and digital whiteboarding, we also include things like live polls and group chats so you virtually have the same collaborative learning experience of attending a course in a room with other people.

live online & hybrid

We have delivered these 100's (if not 1000's) of times, and get great outcomes. We achieve great outcomes because we keep our learner centric approach - just because it’s delivered through a screen to some or all participants doesn’t mean it needs to be less tailored or less personalised.

You still have an expert trainer who talks to you prior to the session and tailors the delivery to use your terminology, ensure activities are relevant and directly applicable and ensures an engaging learning experience that provide people with skills and techniques they can apply the very next day.

A hybrid class is with some people dialling in, and some people physically together in the same room.

Live Online Participant Feedback:

90% Overall Trainer Rating

88% Delivery was Adapted to me Personally

75% I Would Recommend this Course to Someone Else

Face to Face Options With Everyone in the same room

1-hour Motivator
one hour motivator
3-hour Power Sessions
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Full-day training
full day training
At your workplace At your workplace
In our Training Rooms In our Training Rooms
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We provide the Training Management Centre which is an information hub before, during and after training.
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What are people going to do differently?

At the completion of training participants are encouraged to create an action plan, and invite an accountability buddy via their Orgmenta App.

In your Training Management Centre you have transparency to the action plans so you can see what people are going to do differently.

My Action Plan
Participants encouraged to create

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Upcoming Classes

Facilitation Skills Training - 3hours
Live Online
3-hour course
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM Pacific/Auckland
9 August
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21 September
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14 December
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  • Time: 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM Pacific/Auckland
  • Small classes, average 5 people, max 20
  • Certificate of Completion (always available in the App)
  • Comprehensive courseware as books (& available in the App)
  • Live online interactive session with an expert trainer
  • Prices excl. GST


Live Online Money

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Every Live Online Class Booking Entitles
you to a $100 discount on an
in-person public class.
(Discount valid for 18-months)

Instructor Led

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Real world trainer

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We always tailor activities and scenarios to be relevant to you.

Transfer policy

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If an unforseen event prevents public class attendance, no problem. Transfer to new person, course, date or city.

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