Present, secure and support sales solutions

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Present, secure and support sales solutions (BSBSLS408)

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This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to present sales solutions that respond to specific buying needs of a client, and to use sales processes associated with securing prospect commitment to proceed with a sale.

It also includes attending to post-sales activities that build and strengthen the partnership between a salesperson and client, and enhance the likelihood of future sales.

It applies to individuals working in sales-related positions in a small, medium or large enterprise, in a wide variety of industries, who may provide sales solutions individually, or provide advice and support on aspects of sales solutions to support a sales team.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training course, participants will:

1. Prepare for a sales presentation 1.1. Obtain and organise products, ideas and services for use within a sales presentation
1.2. Review product information to ensure familiarity with products
1.3. Identify sales tactic options, and assess and choose them in terms of their ability to meet the needs and preferences of the prospect
1.4. Consider a variety of sales solutions and prepare to meet buyer needs
1.5. Identify and select sales aids
1.6. Identify alternatives for prospects and assess them in relation to anticipated buyer needs
2. Present a sales solution 2.1. Use gestures, posture, body language, facial expressions and voice to create a supportive selling environment
2.2. Use listening skills and open-ended questions to identify buyer needs, preferences, motives and objections
2.3. Adjust presentation to match the needs and preferences of the buyer
2.4. Use persuasive communication techniques to secure buyer interest
2.5. Ensure the presentation demonstrates and communicates the key features of the product and emphasises benefits in relation to identified buyer needs
2.6. Obtain and present proof of benefits through product purchase
2.7. Use sales aids to build buyer understanding of how the product is aligned with needs
3. Respond to buyer signals 3.1. Identify and assess verbal and non-verbal buying signals
3.2. Use probing to identify source of buyer resistance
3.3. Identify the strengths and limitations of buyer resistance strategies
3.4. Select and implement a strategy for managing buyer resistance
3.5. Use trial closes strategically during different stages of the sales process
4. Negotiate and finalise the sale 4.1. Initiate formal close to the sales process following one or more trial closes
4.2. Select a strategy to close the sale and use supportive and confirming language to support the closure of the sales process
4.3. Negotiate conditions of the agreement, outline a summary of the agreement to the buyer, and confirm the buyer's decision
4.4. Provide advice on financing arrangements if required
4.5. Prepare and complete sales documents, and process and monitor client order
4.6. Identify and present cross-selling opportunities to the buyer
5. Support post-sale activities 5.1. Ensure contact is made with the buyer post-sale to ensure agreed expectations have been met
5.2. Provide technical assistance or advice and assist clients to access appropriate after-sales support
5.3. Use feedback solicitation methods on the sales process and product satisfaction
5.4. Address and resolve service problems and difficulties identified through feedback
5.5. Develop and implement client loyalty strategies to secure buyer loyalty and facilitate ongoing contact
5.6. Offer and implement additional sales solutions and benefits to clients when opportunities arise


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