Develop a sales plan

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Develop a sales plan (BSBSLS501)

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This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to develop a sales plan for a product or service for a team covering a specified sales territory based on strategic objectives and in accordance with established performance targets.

It applies to individuals working in a supervisory or managerial sales role who develop a sales plan for a product or service.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training course, participants will:

1. Identify organisational strategic direction 1.1. Obtain and analyse assessment of market needs and strategic planning documents
1.2. Review previous sales performance and successful approaches to identify factors affecting performance
1.3. Analyse information on market needs, new opportunities, customer profiles and requirements as a basis for decision making
2. Establish performance targets 2.1. Determine practical and achievable sales targets
2.2. Establish realistic time lines for achieving targets
2.3. Determine measures to allow for monitoring of performance
2.4. Ensure objectives of the sales plan and style of the campaign are consistent with organisational strategic objectives and corporate image
3. Develop a sales plan for a product 3.1. Describe approaches to be used to meet sales objectives
3.2. Identify additional expertise requirements and allocate budgetary resources accordingly
3.3. Identify risks and develop risk controls
3.4. Develop advertising and promotional strategy for product
3.5. Identify appropriate distribution channels for product
3.6. Prepare a budget for the sales plan
3.7. Present documented sales plan to appropriate personnel for approval
5. Monitor and review sales plan 4.1. Identify and acquire staff resources to implement sales plan
4.2. Develop an appropriate selling approach
4.3. Train staff in the selling approach selected
4.4. Develop and assess staff knowledge of product to be sold
5. Support post-sale activities 5.1. Monitor implementation of the sales plan
5.2. Record data measuring performance versus sales targets
5.3. Make adjustments to sales plan as required to ensure required results are obtained


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