Work effectively in a customer service environment

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Work effectively in a customer service environment (SIRXIND101)

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Unit Description

This training covers the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to work effectively in a customer service business environment.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training course, participants will:
1. Work within organizational requirements 1.1 Identify and read organization’s requirements and responsibilities and seek advice from appropriate people where necessary.
1.2 Interpret staff rosters and provide sufficient notice of unavailability for rostered hours according to workplace policy and procedures.
1.3 Develop and use a current working knowledge and understanding of employee and employer rights and responsibilities.
1.4 Comply with relevant duty of care and legal responsibilities, and support organizational culture.
1.5 Identify roles and responsibilities of colleagues and immediate supervisors.
1.6 Identify standards and values considered to be detrimental to the organization and communicate this through appropriate channels.
1.7 Identify, recognize and follow behavior that contributes to a safe and sustainable work environment.
2. Support the work team 2.1 Display courteous and helpful behavior at all times.
2.2 Take opportunities to enhance the level of assistance offered to colleagues and meet all reasonable requests for assistance within acceptable workplace timeframes.
2.3 Complete allocated tasks as required.
2.4 Seek assistance when difficulties arise.
2.5 Use questioning techniques to clarify instructions or responsibilities.
2.6 Identify and display a non discriminatory attitude in all contacts with customers and other staff members.
3. Maintain personal presentation 3.1 Observe appropriate dress code and presentation as required by the workplace, job role and level of customer contact.
3.2 Follow personal hygiene procedures according to organizational policy and relevant legislation.
4. Develop effective work habits 4.1 Interpret, confirm and act on workplace information, instructions and procedures relevant to the particular task.
4.2 Interpret, confirm and act on legal requirements in regard to anti-discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying.
4.3 Ask questions to seek and clarify workplace information.
4.4 Plan and organize daily work routine within the scope of the job role.
4.5 Prioritize and complete tasks according to required timeframes.
4.6 Identify work and personal priorities and achieve a balance between competing priorities.

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