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Sell products and services (SIRXSLS201)

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Unit Description

This training covers the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to sell products and services in a retail environment.

It involves the use of sales techniques and encompasses key selling skills, from approaching the customer to closing the sale.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training course, participants will:
1. Develop and apply product knowledge 1.1 Develop product knowledge by accessing relevant sources of information and confirm with relevant staff.
1.2 Apply knowledge of the use and application of relevant products and services in interactions with customers according to store policy and legislative requirements.
1.3 Identify gaps in product knowledge and resolve by accessing relevant sources of information.
2. Approach customer 2.1 Identify customers by name where possible.
2.2 Develop knowledge of customer buying behavior by accessing relevant sources of information.
2.3 Determine and apply appropriate timing of customer approach according to store policy and customer behavior.
2.4 Initiate customer contact according to store policy.
2.5 Convey a positive impression to encourage customer interest according to store policy.
3. Gather and respond to information. 3.1 Apply questioning techniques and listening skills to determine customer buying motives and requirements.
3.2 Interpret and clarify non verbal communication cues.
3.3 Direct customer to specific merchandise according to customer requirements and store policy.
4. Sell benefits 4.1 Match customer needs to appropriate products and services.
4.2 Communicate knowledge of product features and benefits clearly to customers.
4.3 Describe product use and safety requirements to customers.
4.4 Refer customers to appropriate product specialist as required.
4.5 Answer routine customer questions about merchandise accurately and honestly or refer to senior sales staff.
5. Overcome objections 5.1 Identify and acknowledge customer objections according to store policy.
5.2 Categorize objections into price, time and merchandise characteristics and consider solutions.
5.3 Offer solutions to customer objections according to store policy.
5.4 Apply problem solving within personal scope of responsibilities to overcome customer objections or refer to senior staff.
6. Close sale 6.1 Monitor, identify and respond appropriately to customer buying signals.
6.2 Encourage customer to make purchase decisions.
6.3 Select and apply appropriate method of closing sale.
7. Maximize sales opportunities 7.1 Recognize and apply opportunities for making additional sales according to store policy.
7.2 Advise customer of complementary products or services according to customer’s identified need.
7.3 Review personal sales outcomes and consider strategies to maximize future sales in consultation with relevant staff.

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