Secure cargo

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Secure cargo (TLIA1001)

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This unit involves the skills and knowledge required to secure cargo in accordance with procedures and regulatory requirements as part of work activities within the transport and logistics industry.

It includes preparing to secure cargo/containers, lashing and unlashing cargo, protecting cargo from weather, and packing and unpacking cargo.

Work is performed under some supervision generally within a team environment.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training course, participants will:

1. Prepare to secure cargo/containers 1.1 Work area is prepared and maintained in accordance with the national standards, safety codes and site operating procedures
1.2 Unsafe work practices and/or equipment are reported to appropriate personnel
1.3 Appropriate protective clothing, equipment and fittings are selected
1.4 Formwork is erected where no lashing points exist
1.5 Lashing plan is read and interpreted
2. Lash and unlash cargo 2.1 Work is conducted in accordance with industry standards, statutory requirements, safety codes, site operating requirements and any special requirements of the cargo
2.2 Lashing points are identified and appropriate fittings and lashing equipment are used for each lashing point
2.3 Cargo is lashed and secured to lashing points ensuring the correct spread of lashings and that lashings are secured, attached and tensioned
2.4 Tensioners are securely fastened
2.5 When unlashing, fittings are released, disconnected and removed from the cargo
2.6 Lashing equipment is placed in designated storage areas or cleared from work area
2.7 Lashing/unlashing operations ensure no injury to personnel or damage to machinery or cargo
2.8 Lashing is completed in accordance with lashing plan
3. Protect cargo from weather 3.1 Cargo is covered/uncovered safely ensuring appropriate covering and lashing, no injury to personnel or damage to cargo or equipment
3.2 Work is conducted in accordance with the requirements of national standards, safety codes and site operating procedures
4. Pack and unpack cargo 4.1 Damaged cargo is identified and reported following enterprise procedures
4.2 Cargo is sorted and stacked prior to packing or after unpacking, ensuring the stack is in the correct location, in accordance with national standards, safety codes, and site operating procedures
4.3 Cargo is identified through the interpretation of marks or numbers
4.4 Tight stow of cargo is maintained
4.5 Cargo is handled ensuring no injury to personnel or damage to cargo or equipment


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