Recommend specialised products and services

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Recommend specialised products and services (SIRRRPK214)

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Unit Description

This training covers the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to recommend and provide advice on specialised products and services to customers.

The skills include:

  • Application of specialised product knowledge to provide advice to customers and other sales staff, with regard to:
    • Specific product features
    • Technical characteristics
    • Warranties and prices
  • The provision of information on organisation services and repairs

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training course, participants will:
1. Demonstrate knowledge of product range 1.1 Identify product and service range.
1.2 Demonstrate knowledge of location of product range.
1.3 Operate inventory system.
1.4 Develop product knowledge by accessing relevant sources of information.
1.5 Develop knowledge and application of manufacturer technical information and specifications of product range.
1.6 Research comparisons between products and services and communicate product information.
1.7 Convey product information to customers and other staff members as required and in line with organisational policies and procedures.
2. Advise on products and services to meet customer requirements 2.1 Identify and evaluate customer requirements to provide advice on product suitability to assist buying decisions.
2.2 Determine suitability of products and materials according to customer requirements and manufacturer specifications.
2.3 Provide accurate advice on product specifications to meet customer requirements according to relevant legislation.
2.4 Convey features and benefits of products to customers to assist buying decisions.
2.5 Demonstrate or explain use and operation of products to customers in a systematic manner as required to create a buying environment and in line with organisational policies and procedures.
2.6 Apply correct measuring, fitting or sizing procedures as relevant to the product.
2.7 Explain relevant maintenance and care requirements of product to customer.
2.8 Clearly explain to customer safety features and safe usage relevant to the product.
2.9 Maximise sales opportunities by use of add-on and complementary sales techniques.
2.10.Estimate quantities of product required and communicate to customer.
3. Advise on product warranties 3.1 Clearly explain to customer comparisons between product and manufacturer warranty terms.
3.2 Confirm and convey individual product warranty terms and conditions to customer by accessing relevant sources of information.
3.3 Provide customer with written information regarding individual product warranty terms and conditions, especially extended or promotional warranties, according to legislative requirements and organisational policy and procedures.
4. Quote on price and payment options 4.1 Calculate organiaation-recommended pricing for various product and service options and convey to customer according to legislative requirements.
4.2 Negotiate individual product prices where appropriate according to pricing determinants and organisational policy
4.3 Convey payment and credit options to customer and negotiate a preferred option following organizational procedures.
5. Advise on and arrange product service and repair 5.1 Advise customer on range of service and repairs according to organizational policy and procedures.
5.2 Question and actively listen to customer to determine nature of problem.
5.3 Complete diagnosis of problem in terms of operator and equipment faults.
5.4 Offer solutions according to nature of problem, available product information, and organizational policy.
5.5 Identify service and repair process and communicate to customer according to company and enterprise policy.
5.6 Identify price and timelines for basic service and repairs and quote to customer where applicable.
5.7 Identify customer details and transcribe to service report according to organisational procedures and legislative requirements.
5.8 Label and securely store item for repair according to organisational policy.
5.9 Organise service according to availability, customer requirements and legislative requirements.
5.10 Notify customer without undue delay on completion of service and repair.
5.11 Take follow-up action as necessary to ensure customer satisfaction.


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