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Present products (SIRXMER304)

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Unit Description

This training covers the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to produce a range of displays and product presentations.

The skills include:

  • Applying visual display knowledge
  • Safely maintaining & using a simple tool kit
  • Accessing & organizing relevant materials & equipment

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training course, participants will:
1. Maintain and use a display tool kit 1.1 Maintain a fully stocked display tool kit and tools in working order.
1.2 Use tools according to work health and safety (WHS) requirements and manufacturer instructions.
2. Produce simple displays 2.1 Produce product displays to show purposefully designed groupings.
2.2 Ensure groupings clearly reflect display form, shape, composition and depth.
2.3 Demonstrate design principles of flow, unity, harmony and depth in displays.
2.4 Use colour and texture to enhance displays.
2.5 Create displays using self-built and commercially supplied risers.
2.6 Adhere to workplace safety procedures with regard to the construction of visual displays.
3. Produce and suspend simple styrene shapes and display cards 3.1 Ensure styrene cutting, painting and design techniques suitable for multi-purpose displays are applied to industry standard.
3.2 Hang styrene shapes and display cards in both horizontal and vertical formats as designated by their design.
3.3 Use industry standard pinning and nylon knotting techniques to suspend vertical and horizontal shapes.
3.4 Consistently follow relevant WHS procedures.
4. Produce a range of product presentations 4.1 Generate ideas for the display using creative thinking techniques.
4.2 Test ideas against display objective and organisational requirements.
4.3 Discuss display options with relevant personnel.
4.4 Develop product storyline and access merchandise, materials and equipment.
4.5 Create effective groupings using suspension and under-staging techniques.
4.6 Review and refine display and refinements as required in line with display objective.
4.7 Observe safety procedures at all times during construction and placement of display.

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