Plan a career in the retail industry

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Plan a career in the retail industry (SIRXIND102)

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Unit Description

This training covers the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to identify and document current skills and interests, and explore related retail career options. It also covers planning future skills development with the help of advisory personnel or experienced retail industry staff.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training course, participants will:
1. Explore career opportunities and preferences 1.1 Obtain information from advisory services and talk to advisory and experienced personnel to identify the nature of work in a range of retail career options.
1.2 Explore education and training requirements for a range of retail career options.
1.3 Evaluate levels of personal aptitude and fulfillment in relation to a range of retail workplace tasks and responsibilities.
1.4 Evaluate levels of personal interest in a range of retail career options.
1.5 Document optimum career preferences and related education and training requirements.
2. Identify skill development requirements 2.1 Identify opportunities for, and stages of, skill development for selected retail career preferences in consultation with advisory or experienced personnel.
2.2 Evaluate and record current personal skills and knowledge against competencies relevant to career preferences to identify current stage of career development.
2.3 Discuss results of assessment with advisory or experienced personnel and identify additional skill development requirements for career progression.
2.4 Document skill development options for selected career preferences.
3. Plan retail career progression 3.1 Review and select options for immediate and future skill development in discussion with advisory or experienced personnel.
3.2 Select and document skill development options and allocate timelines for progression.
3.3 Collate skills assessment and career planning documentation and update regularly with skill development evidence.

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