Organise work health and safety procedures in the workplace

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Organise work health and safety procedures in the workplace (TLIF3004)

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This unit involves the skills and knowledge required to organise work health and safety (WHS)/occupational health and safety (OHS) procedures in the workplace, in accordance with WHS/OHS codes/regulations and workplace requirements in the transport and logistics industry.

It includes interpreting and applying information about WHS/OHS policies and procedures and duty of care responsibilities. It also includes identifying and assessing hazards and risks in the workplace, negotiating to control workplace hazards and risks, resolving complaints about WHS/OHS and instituting appropriate risk management strategies.

Safety checks and equipment tests are performed under limited supervision.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training course, participants will:

1. Use information about WHS/OHS policies and procedures 1.1 Relevant provisions of WHS/OHS legislation and codes of practice are accurately followed
1.2 Workplace WHS/OHS policies, procedures and programs are promoted to employees in relevant work group
1.3 Implications of risks and requirements for safe work are accurately and clearly explained to work group
1.4 Information about risk assessment outcomes and control procedures is used in the design/redesign of work procedures
2. Identify hazards and assess risk 2.1 Existing and potential hazards in work area are identified through audit, monitoring of processes, equipment and products used, and in response to employee complaints and questions
2.2 Identified hazards are assessed in relation to relative risk and impact on workplace operations and employee health, safety and welfare
2.3 Priorities for hazard resolution are established and reported to appropriate personnel
3. Negotiate to control risks and resolve complaints about WHS/OHS 3.1 Existing risk control measures are implemented, monitored and possible improvements are identified
3.2 Required improvements to existing risk control measures are implemented and identified
3.3 Required resources for implementation are established and reported to appropriate personnel
3.4 Negotiations with management and employees to revise work procedures are conducted within workplace issue resolution procedures
4 Institute risk management strategies 4.1 Workplace procedures for hazard, accident and incident reporting are used
4.2 Cooperative working relationships with other employees and external authorities involved in WHS/OHS procedures are established and maintained
4.3 Legislative provisions for improvement notices and inspections are followed


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