Operate retail information technology systems

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Operate retail information technology systems (SIRXICT303)

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Unit Description

This training covers the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to operate information technology systems, resolve system faults, perform point-of-sale system transactions, and safely and securely store electronic information according to store policy and procedures and relevant legislation.

The skills include:

  • Understanding the operation of hardware and software in use
  • Editing and updating information
  • Solving problems in relation to hardware and software

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training course, participants will:
1. Use store information technology system 1.1 Demonstrate operation of store information technology system to staff members according to store policy and procedures, as required.
1.2 Identify and operate hardware and software according to manufacturer instructions and store policy and procedures.
1.3 Interpret the application and uses of information technology systems available.
1.4 Transmit data according to electronic data interchange (EDI) procedures as required.
1.5 Use keyboard skills to enter information accurately and as required by store policy.
1.6 Regularly perform back-up procedures according to store policy.
2. Edit and update information 2.1 Identify information to be edited and updated according to store procedures.
2.2 Edit and update information on system according to store policy and procedures.
2.3 Identify and enter price changes into store system as required.
2.4 Ensure shelf data price and computer records match according to store policy.
3. Solve information technology system problems 3.1 Identify equipment, hardware and software faults and rectify where possible or seek expert assistance without delay.
3.2 Monitor and implement maintenance program for hardware and software systems according to manufacturer specifications and store procedures.
3.3 Handle routine problems using appropriate problem-solving techniques and refer to relevant personnel as required.
3.4 Evaluate and resolve problems arising at point of sale according to store procedures and relevant legislation.
3.5 Provide assistance positively and actively to staff as problems arise.

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