Monitor food safety program

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Monitor food safety program (SIRRFSA302)

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Unit Description

This training covers the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to monitor the implementation of a food safety program across an entire process within a retail food store or department.

The skills include:

  • Ensuring that staff members apply the hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) system
  • Coordinating corrective action where required to ensure compliance with food safety standards
  • Providing support and guidance to frontline team members
  • Making contributions to the improvement of the organisation's food safety program
  • Learning Outcomes

    By the end of this training course, participants will:
    1. Monitor implementation of food safety program 1.1 Communicate food safety requirements and procedures to relevant staff members as required.
    1.2 Provide mentoring and coaching to support individuals or groups in implementing food safety program.
    1.3 Monitor individual and team performance to ensure compliance with legislative and statutory requirements and store procedures.
    1.4 Develop and maintain regular schedule or roster for store or department cleaning tasks and inspections according to food safety program and legislative requirements.
    1.5 Inform team members of individual responsibilities for cleaning tasks.
    1.6 Implement procedures for prompt waste removal, especially spillage on floors, according to store procedures, food safety program and legislative requirements.
    1.7 Implement procedures for prompt eradication of insects, pests and vermin according to store procedures, food safety program and legislative requirements.
    1.8 Coordinate store procedures for safe storage of cleaning chemicals, insecticides and pesticides according to legislative requirements.
    2. Respond to occurrences of non compliance with food safety requirements. 2.1 Identify food safety problems and take corrective action promptly to minimise impact of contamination and spoilage.
    2.2 Implement store procedures for product recall identification, and promptly withdraw products from public sale as required.
    2.3 Promptly implement procedures for dealing with non compliance according to food safety program.
    2.4 Identify causes of non compliance.
    2.5 Implement control measures to prevent recurrence.
    2.6 Report non compliance according to store procedures and food safety program.
    3. Contribute to continuous improvement of food safety program 3.1 Identify and report potential food safety hazards.
    3.2 Review existing control measures to take account of changes and updated technical knowledge.
    3.3 Report the need for changes required to adequately cover identified hazards to those responsible for the maintenance of food safety program.
    3.4 Identify opportunities to remove or minimise food safety risks.
    3.5 Record food safety information and performance according to store procedures and food safety program.

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