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Merchandise products (SIRXMER201)

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Unit Description

This training covers the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to merchandise products within a retail store. It involves the consistent application of store policies and procedures in regard to displaying, merchandising, ticketing, labeling, pricing and storing stock.

The skills include:

  • The application of correct manual handling
  • Storage and display techniques according to stock characteristics
  • Industry codes of practice
  • Relevant legislation

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training course, participants will:
1. Place and arrange merchandise 1.1 Unpack merchandise according to store policy and procedures and legislative requirements.
1.2 Place merchandise on floor, fixtures and shelves in determined locations according to work health and safety (WHS) legislative requirements.
1.3 Display merchandise to achieve a balanced, fully-stocked appearance and promote sales.
1.4 Identify damaged, soiled or out-of-date stock and take corrective action as required according to store procedures.
1.5 Place stock range in line with fixtures, ticketing, prices and bar codes.
1.6 Rotate stock according to stock requirements and store procedure.
1.7 Ensure stock presentation conforms to special handling techniques and other safety requirements.
2. Prepare and apply labels and tickets 2.1 Prepare labels and tickets for window, wall or floor displays according to store policy.
2.2 Prepare tickets using electronic equipment or neatly by hand according to design specifications and store procedures.
2.3 Identify soiled, damaged, illegible or incorrect labels and tickets and take corrective action according to store procedures.
2.4 Use, maintain and store electronic ticketing and labeling equipment according to manufacturer’s instructions and store procedures.
2.5 Place labels and tickets visibly and correctly on merchandise.
2.6 Replace labels and tickets according to store policy.
3. Maintain displays 3.1 Reset or dismantle unsuitable or out-of-date displays and special promotion areas as directed.
3.2 Assist supervisor in selection of merchandise for display.
3.3 Arrange and face up merchandise as directed and according to layout specifications and load-bearing capacity of fixtures.
3.4 Maintain correct pricing and information on merchandise according to store procedures, industry codes of practice and legislative requirements.
3.5 Identify optimum stock levels and replenish stock according to store policy.
3.6 Remove excess packaging and maintain display areas in a clean and tidy condition.
4. Protect merchandise 4.1 Identify and apply correct handling, storage and display techniques according to stock characteristics and legislative requirements.


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