Maintain store safety

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Maintain store safety (SIRXWHS302)

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Unit Description

This training covers the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to maintain store safety in a retail environment.

The skills include:

  • informing and involving team members with regard to work health and safety (WHS)
  • monitoring and maintaining a safe work environment
  • implementing emergency procedures
  • identifying the need for WHS training
  • maintaining WHS records

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training course, participants will:
1. Inform team members about WHS matters 1.1 Clearly and accurately explain store policy and procedures in regard to WHS and emergency procedures to team members.
1.2 Ensure access for team members to store WHS policy and procedures.
1.3 Clearly and accurately explain relevant provisions of WHS legislation and codes of practice to team members.
1.4 Regularly provide clear and accurate information on identified hazards and risk control procedures to team members.
1.5 Model the implementation of WHS and emergency procedures to reinforce information.
2. Involve team members in WHS matters 2.1 Provide opportunities and processes for team members to consult and contribute on WHS issues according to store policy.
2.2 Promptly resolve issues raised or refer to relevant personnel according to store policy.
2.3 Promptly convey outcomes of issues raised on WHS matters to team members.
3. Monitor and maintain a safe work environment 3.1 Implement store policy and procedures with regard to identifying, preventing and reporting potential hazards.
3.2 Take prompt action to deal with hazardous events according to store policy.
3.3 Investigate unsafe or hazardous events, identify cause, and report inadequacies in risk control measures or resource allocation for risk control to relevant personnel.
3.4 Implement and monitor control measures to prevent recurrence and minimize risks of unsafe and hazardous events according to store policy and hierarchy of control.
3.5 Handle and store hazardous goods according to store policy and WHS regulations.
3.6 Maintain equipment according to store policy and WHS regulations.
3.7 Monitor team performance to ensure use of safe manual handling techniques.
3.8 Implement store emergency policy and procedures promptly in the event of an emergency.
4. Identify need for WHS training 4.1 Identify WHS training needs, specifying gaps between WHS competencies required and those held by team members.
4.2 Organize and arrange training according to store policy.
5. Maintain WHS records 5.1 Complete and maintain WHS records regarding occupational injury and disease according to store policy and legislative requirements.
5.2 Use information from records to identify hazards and monitor risk control procedures according to store policy.

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