Interact with customers

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Interact with customers (SIRXCCS202)

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Unit Description

This training covers the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to deliver service to customers. It involves being able to communicate effectively with customers, respond to their complaints, receive and process sales orders, and identify special customer requirements.

The unit covers the consistent application of store policies and industry codes of practice to provide a quality service environment by treating customers and team members in a courteous and professional manner through all stages of the service and sales procedure, and to identify and resolve customer complaints.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training course, participants will:

1. Deliver service to customers 1.1 Communicate with customers in a professional, courteous manner according to store policy.
1.2 Meet customer needs and reasonable requests or refer to supervisor, according to store policy and legislative requirements.
1.3 Record customer details and information where necessary.
1.4 Identify and anticipate possible problems and take action to minimize the effect on customer satisfaction.
1.5 Recognize and act upon opportunities to deliver additional levels of service beyond the customer’s immediate request.
1.6 Maintain contact with customer until sale is completed according to store policy.
1.7 Use verbal and non-verbal communication to develop rapport with customers during service delivery.
1.8 Encourage repeat customers by promotion of appropriate services or products according to store policy.
1.9 Farewell customer appropriately and courteously according to store policy.
2. Respond to customer complaints 2.1 Convey a positive, helpful attitude to customers when handling complaints, according to store policy.
2.2 Handle complaints sensitively, courteously and with discretion.
2.3 Establish and confirm with customer nature of complaint by active listening and questioning.
2.4 Take action to resolve complaint to customer’s satisfaction wherever possible.
2.5 Promptly refer unresolved customer dissatisfaction or complaints to supervisor.
2.6 Take the opportunity to turn incidents of customer dissatisfaction into a demonstration of high-quality service to customer according to store policy.
2.7 Complete documentation regarding customer dissatisfaction or complaints accurately and legibly.
2.8 Take follow-up action as necessary to ensure customer satisfaction.
3. Receive and process sales orders 3.1 Record customer details and information accurately.
3.2 Promptly refer customers to appropriate area as required.
3.3 Provide customers with information in clear, concise manner.
3.4 Process, record and act upon sales orders according to store policy.
3.5 Process customer returns or refunds according to store policy and procedures.
4. Identify special customer requirements 4.1 Promptly identify customers with special needs or requirements by observation and questioning.
4.2 Verbally and non-verbally convey a willingness to assist.
4.3 Promptly service, refer or redirect customers’ needs as required.


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