Develop and manage performance management processes

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Develop and manage performance management processes (BSBHRM512)

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This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to develop and facilitate implementation of performance management processes and to coordinate individual or group learning and development to encourage effective employee performance.

This unit applies to individuals who are authorised to establish effective performance management processes for an organisation and who may have staff reporting to them.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training course, participants will:

1 Develop integrated performance-management processes 1.1 Analyse organisational strategic and operational plans to identify relevant policies and objectives to be addressed in i ntegrated performance-management processes
1.2 Develop objectives for performance-management processes to support organisational strategy and goals and to build organisational capability
1.3 Design methods and processes for line managers to develop key performance indicators for those reporting to them
1.4 Develop organisational timeframes and processes for formal performance-management sessions
1.5 Ensure performance-management processes are flexible enough to cover the range of the organisation's employment situations
1.6 Consult with key stakeholders about the processes and agree on process features
1.7 Gain support for implementation of the performance-management processes
2 Facilitate the implementation of performance-management processes 2.1 Train relevant groups and individuals to monitor performance, identify performance gaps, provide feedback and manage talent
2.2 Work with line managers to ensure that performance is monitored regularly and that intervention occurs as required and complies with organisational policies and legal requirements
2.3 Support line managers to counsel and discipline employees who continually perform below standard
2.4 Articulate dispute resolution processes where necessary, mediating between line managers and employees
2.5 Provide support to terminate employees who fail to respond to interventions according to organisational protocols and legislative requirements
2.6 Ensure recorded outcomes of performance-management sessions are accessible and stored securely, according to organisational policy
2.7 Regularly evaluate and improve all aspects of performance-management processes in keeping with organisational objectives and policies
3 Coordinate individual or group learning and development 3.1 Design and develop learning and development plans and strategies to encourage effective employee performance
3.2 Deliver learning and development plans according to agreed timeframes, ensuring achievement of specified outcomes
3.3 Contract appropriate providers for performance development, as identified by plans and according to organisational policy
3.4 Monitor learning and development activities to ensure compliance with quality assurance standards
3.5 Negotiate remedial action with providers, where necessary
3.6 Generate reports to advise appropriate managers on progress and success rates of activities


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