Coordinate merchandise presentation

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Coordinate merchandise presentation (SIRXMER303)

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Unit Description

This training covers the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to apply knowledge of store merchandising and pricing policy and standards to support and coordinate relevant frontline staff members and ensure that they arrange, present and label or price merchandise according to store requirements.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training course, participants will:
1. Instruct and coordinate staff 1.1 Communicate and demonstrate store display standards and requirements to staff.
1.2 Identify occurrence and timing of promotions and special events and inform staff.
1.3 Identify items to be advertised or promoted, according to store merchandising policy and inform staff.
1.4 Identify appropriate timing for dismantling and disposing of displays and inform staff.
2. Supervise construction and maintenance of presentations 2.1 Plan and coordinate promotions and special events as directed by management.
2.2 Plan and supervise construction and maintenance of displays in order to achieve balance and visual impact.
2.3 Ensure product or service display information accurately depicts product or service being promoted.
2.4 Ensure displays are completed according to required time schedule, with minimum disruption to customer service and traffic flow.
2.5 Ensure displays are constructed and maintained in a safe and secure manner.
2.6 Regularly monitor replenishment of merchandise and rotation of stock on store displays and take action as required.
3. Implement merchandise pricing 3.1 Implement store policy and procedures in regard to pricing and ticketing.
3.2 Identify current prices for products and services and amend according to store policy.
3.3 Inform team members of price changes and current pricing policies.
4. Review merchandise presentations 4.1 Evaluate promotions or special events against sales turnover and store presentation standards.
4.2 Evaluate merchandise presentation against sales turnover and store presentation standards.
4.3 Provide management with feedback in regard to improvement of store marketing and promotional activities.

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