Communicate with customers using technologies

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Communicate with customers using technologies (SIRXCOM202)

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Unit Description

This training covers the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required use technologies to communicate with customers according to workplace protocols.

The skills include:

  • Correct operation of technologies
  • Development of customer relationships to encourage use of technologies
  • Contacting customers using technologies such as mobile phone and web applications to inform and promote to customers

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training course, participants will:
1. Clarify procedures for customer contact using technologies 1.1 Identify and review organizational information relating to the use of technologies for communicating with customers.
1.2 Identify personal responsibility and limitations in relation to communication with customers using technologies.
1.3 Identify protocols for collecting customer data to facilitate communication using technologies.
1.4 Identify protocols for nature and frequency of customer contact using different types of technologies.
2. Operate technologies 2.1 Identify procedures for operation of technologies and associated applications.
2.2 Test operation of technologies and associated applications and apply protocols in line with nature of customer contact.
2.3 Obtain and apply feedback from relevant staff on operation of technologies.
3. Promote customer communication using technologies 3.1 Develop relationships with customers to identify scope for communication using technologies.
3.2 Explain benefits of communication using technologies relevant to customers.
3.3 Collect required customer data for communication using technologies.
3.4 Process customer data according to workplace procedures.
4. Contact customers 4.1 Contact customers using technologies according to workplace procedures.
4.2 Obtain feedback from customers on communication using technologies according to workplace requirements.
4.3 Consider and discuss potential for improvement of customer communications with relevant staff.
4.4 Apply suggested improvements to improve customer communications.

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