Communicate effectively as a workplace leader

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Communicate effectively as a workplace leader (BSBLDR401)

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This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to communicate effectively as a workplace leader, including understanding the context, choosing methods of communication to suit the audience, and following up.

This unit applies to managers, supervisors and team leaders required to communicate with other persons within the workplace.

Communication skills cover a range of methods and contexts within principally structured environments.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training course, participants will:

1. Identify context for communication 1.1 Identify reason and context for communication
1.2 Identify persons relevant to the communication context
1.3 Clarify specific environment and personnel factors that may impact on the success of the communication
1.4 Identify and clearly understand the desired outcome of the communication
1.5 Evaluate available methods of communication against their suitability for the specific communication requirements
1.6 Identify potential barriers to effective communication and develop solutions to minimise impact
1.7 Incorporate relevant business policies, procedures, regulations and legislation into communication processes
2. Clarify message and engage communication 2.1 Undertake communication using media and format relevant to the context
2.2 Incorporate respectful and positive approaches to communications
2.3 Employ two-way processes to ensure receipt and acknowledgement of message
2.4 Seek feedback on communication processes from all parties
2.5 Provide opportunities to clarify and confirm understanding
3. Take follow-up actions 3.1 Maintain record of the communication process and outcomes in line with enterprise policy and procedures
3.2 Identify follow up actions and communicate to relevant persons
3.3 Identify and incorporate opportunities to improve leadership communication processes


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