Carry out financial transactions and maintain records

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Carry out financial transactions and maintain records (TLIP2037)

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This unit involves the skills and knowledge required to carry out financial transactions and to maintain records when providing taxi services. This involves using basic financial transaction principles, routine procedures and regulatory requirements, as part of taxi driving operations.

It includes operating a taxi meter in accordance with different tariff structures and taxi hire arrangements, calculating fares and handling payment transactions, and maintaining daily records for accounting purposes.

This unit meets part of the certification requirements for obtaining taxi driver accreditation. As requirements may vary between states and territories, people seeking taxi accreditation should contact their state/territory taxi regulator.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training course, participants will:

1. Operate a taxi meter in accordance with tariff structures and hiring arrangements 1.1 Tariff structures and various forms of taxi hire are identified and applied
1.2 Meter functions are identified and applied
1.3 Meter is operated at beginning, throughout and at the end of hiring, in line with regulations and workplace procedures
1.4 Meter is used to access information to complete driver running sheet, end-of-shift reports and reconciliation taking/fares
2 Calculate fares and handle payment transactions 2.1 Amount owing is calculated and customer is advised
2.2 Amount tendered in case transactions is checked, and correct change is calculated and given
2.3 Adequate change is maintained for use in transactions
2.4 Adequate supplies of dockets, vouchers and point of sale documents are maintained
2.5 Cash, credit and other non-cash payment transactions are handled in accordance with workplace policy and procedures
2.6 Hazards are identified, risks are assessed and control measures are implemented
2.7 Due security is maintained when handling payments in accordance with workplace security procedures
2.8 Taxi subsidy scheme transactions are processed in accordance with state requirements
3 Maintain daily records 3.1 Records are completed for all cash, credit and other non- credit transactions in accordance with workplace policy and procedures
3.2 Calculations to complete driver running sheet are carried out
3.3 End-of-shift reconciliation is completed
3.4 Appropriate records are maintained for taxation purposes


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