Build sales relationships

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Build sales relationships (SIRWSLS301)

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Unit Description

This training covers the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to promote demand and stimulate long-term, productive relationships with a business customer or a number of businesses within a defined territory.

It covers the development of effective sales techniques through workplace consultation, evaluation, training and development, and the formation and maintenance of business-to-business relationships to ensure positive business outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training course, participants will:
1. Develop effective sales techniques 1.1 Determine importance of selling function in business-to-business processes.
1.2 Determine good work practices and sales techniques through communication with immediate supervisors and team members.
1.3 Actively seek feedback and guidance from immediate manager or team members to improve personal sales capabilities.
1.4 Confirm personal sales training and development needs with immediate manager.
1.5 Action personal sales training and development needs in an agreed timeframe.
1.6 Develop improved sales techniques relevant to the business customer and end consumer within a given territory.
2. Work with others to improve sales 2.1 Openly discuss ideas on means to improve sales, service and performance strategies and share with team members, management and business customers.
2.2 Confirm procedures for accessing and using resources with team management.
2.3 Establish mechanisms to monitor the impact of improved sales and service strategies on personal performance targets.
3. Sell advantages of business relationship 3.1 Identify advantages and benefits of long-term business relationships.
3.2 Develop and implement strategies to forge relationships with customers, build in-depth understanding of their needs, and develop trust and loyalty.
3.3 Promote advantages of exclusive working relationships to business customers.
3.4 Promote benefits to the end consumer of a business-to-business relationship.
3.5 Confirm features of different products and services and merchandise classifications with customers.
3.6 Explore opportunities to streamline business relationships and offer improved services to customers through efficient product delivery, effective provision of information, and timely problem resolution.
3.7 Confirm trading terms for different products and services with each customer.

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