Build sales of branded products

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Build sales of branded products (SIRWSLS304)

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Unit Description

This training covers the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to promote, position and maximize the sale of branded products for a business in a thin sales territory.

The skills include:

  • Focussing on setting sales objectives
  • Developing promotional strategies
  • Monitoring sales
  • Ensuring outcomes are achieved for branded products

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training course, participants will:
1. Maximize sale of branded products in a territory 1.1 Determine characteristics and market position of product or service sales in a territory.
1.2 Report major competitor activity in a sales territory, product or service area to supervising manager.
1.3 Process and action special requests from customer businesses distributing and selling brand.
1.4 Develop sales plan for a specific territory.
1.5 Build opportunities to value add to existing businesses.
1.6 Identify and report special events or opportunities for once-off sales and promotional programs.
1.7 Factor special events into sales plans.
2. Secure effective product positioning in business outlets 2.1 Implement joint merchandising plans.
2.2 Plan and secure off-location displays.
2.3 Secure optimal locations for product displays.
2.4 Confirm products or services are available for promotions and supply agreements in a timely manner.
2.5 Foster cooperative strategies with management of business customers to maximize product or service sales.
3. Report on sale of branded products within a territory 3.1 Complete sales reports on branded product for a territory.
3.2 Report key activities by product, brand or service type for specific customers or other variables.
3.3 Report success of sales strategies for branded product within a territory.
3.4 Submit recommendations for improving sales of branded products in the territory to team management.

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