Apply point-of-sale handling procedures

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Apply point-of-sale handling procedures (SIRXCCS201)

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Unit Description

This training covers the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to operate point-of-sale equipment, apply store policy and procedures to a range of transactions, interact with customers, and package or wrap an item for transportation.

The skills include:

  • Demonstration of the ability to operate a range of point-of-sale equipment in order to complete sales
  • Returns and exchange transactions
  • Process a number of methods of payment, according to store policies

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training course, participants will:
1. Operate point-of-sale equipment 1.1 Open and close point-of-sale terminal according to store policy and procedures.
1.2 Clear point-of-sale terminal and transfer tender according to store procedure.
1.3 Handle cash according to store security procedures.
1.4 Maintain supplies of change in point-of-sale terminal according to store policy.
1.5 Attend active point-of-sale terminals according to store policy.
1.6 Complete records for transaction errors according to store policy.
1.7 Maintain adequate supplies of dockets, vouchers and point-of-sale documents.
1.8 Inform customers of delays in the point-of-sale operation where required.
2. Ensure accuracy of transactions 2.1 Identify and perform numerical calculations to ensure accurate pricing and collection of money.
2.2 Collect numerical information from various sources and calculate accurately with or without the use of a calculator.
3. Perform point-of-sale transactions 3.1 Complete point-of-sale transactions according to store policy.
3.2 Identify and apply store procedures in respect of cash and non cash transactions.
3.3 Identify and apply store procedures in regard to exchanges and returns.
3.4 Move goods through point-of-sale area efficiently and with attention to fragility and packaging.
3.5 Enter information into point-of-sale equipment.
3.6 State price or total and amount of cash received verbally to customer.
3.7 Tender correct change
4. Complete sales 4.1 Complete customer order forms, invoices and receipts and process any loyalty card transactions.
4.2 Identify and process customer delivery requirements according to set timeframes.
4.3 Process sales transactions or direct customers to point-of-sale terminals according to store policy without undue delay.
4.4 Acknowledge and thank customer in line with store policy and procedures.
5. Wrap and pack goods 5.1 Maintain and request adequate supplies of wrapping and packaging materials.
5.2 Select appropriate wrapping or packaging material.
5.3 Wrap merchandise neatly and effectively where required.
5.4 Pack items safely to avoid damage in transit, and attach labels where required.
5.5 Arrange transfer of merchandise for parcel pick up or other delivery methods if required.

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