Administer projects

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Administer projects (BSBADM407)

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This unit describes skills and knowledge required to perform the activities associated with the administrative aspects of a project, such as measurement, monitoring, reporting, and winding up the project on completion.

It applies to individuals who work under the supervision of an experienced project manager.

It does not apply to project managers or specialist project managers. For specialist project managers, the units of competency in the Project Management competency field are applicable.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this training course, participants will:

1.   Plan project administration

1.1. Identify and record the purpose, scope and objectives of projects

1.2. Develop project plans identifying project activities and key administrative milestones and timelines in accordance with the requirements of the project brief / contract and in consultation with stakeholders

1.3. Identify and address factors that affect timeframes in project planning to ensure timeframes are realistic and achievable

1.4. Link project budgets to key outcomes within projects and incorporate reporting mechanisms to ensure payments are made / received as outcomes are achieved

1.5. Identify monitoring and reporting arrangements for project activities and budgets within project plans in accordance with organisational, statutory and auditing requirements

2.   Coordinate project administration

2.1. Allocate and monitor tasks and resources in accordance with project requirements

2.2. Detail project expenditure in financial control systems, and monitor against project budgets in accordance with project plan

2.3. Monitor project timeframes and milestones and report to designated person/s in accordance with organisational requirements

2.4. Maintain project records in accordance with project and organisational requirements

3.   Finalise and review project administration

3.1. Identify and complete procedures for winding up projects in accordance with statutory, organisational and auditing requirements

3.2. Review project administration against project plan and measure and report outcomes in accordance with organisational and task requirements


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