Trainer Selection and Management Process

So call us fussy....
but this is what it takes to become a PD Training trainer.

  • PD Training-represent-very-best-trainers

  • PD Training receives resumes and letters of offers from trainers
    across the world each day.
    However, our rigorous process ensure we only engage the very best.
    We currently have over 1000 trainers worldwide which represents the
    very best from many 1000's of applicants.

  Our 10 step screening and on-boarding process works like this:  

  • Step 1: Screening

    To be a trainer at PD Training, applicants must meet strict qualification guidelines: more than 5 years of experience as a trainer, in-depth industry experience, and demonstration of successful training delivery.

    At PD Training, we do our due diligence checks by scouring the internet to watch any videos they have posted on their profiles or trainer websites, research the broader online profile, identify and check their clients references, and if all that checks out, we'll interview them.

  • Step 2: Interview Part 1

    A phone interview is conducted in order to see if they pass the 100-point check list and determine if they have a niche style/flair, expertise, experience and the depth of experience required to deliver the style of experiential tailored training we require.

  • Step 3: Interview process Part 2

    If a candidate passes the phone interview, then a face to face interview is arranged. Only 1 in 10 will make it to this stage.
    The potential trainer presents a course topic of their choice or one that we select for them to the Operations Director and her team. The potential trainer delivers the session and further questions are posed to assess the trainer’s subject-matter knowledge.

    The Operations Director has been a trainer for over 15 years and will put the candidate through a strenuous session, drawing on her collection of "tough questions".

  • Step 4: On-boarding

    If the potential trainer was successful in their face to face interview, then we start them with the on-boarding process. This begins with a training session with our National Lead Trainer - which takes the trainer through all facets of PD Training including:
    PD Training expectations, exceeding client expectations, touch points with a client to establish outcomes for further tailoring, expectations before/during/after each training session, the PD Training Reinforcement Framework and more.

  • Step 5: Induction and Train the Trainer

    All PD Training trainers are required to complete our own Train The Trainer program – here they become familiar with our Connected Classroom environment which ensures they provide a rich learning experience which is unique to PD Training.

  • Step 6: Achieve LDP Certification

    Leading Dimensions Profiles (LDP) is a world-class assessment solution that can help individuals and organisations to better understand their strengths – and is our tool of choice worldwide.
    All our trainers are required to achieve certification in LDP before delivering their first PD Training course.

  • Step 7: Get connected to our system, prepare and deliver the first course

    Trainers are set up in our proprietary system TOPS (Training Operations and Performance Management System) which allows them access to client requirements, and provides the mechanism for us to carefully review a trainer’s preparation and client feedback. We do this for their first course and on a continuous basis.

  • Step 8: Deliver the first Courses

    The first few courses delivered by the trainer are managed and reviewed by the Operations Director, and all aspects are monitored and followed up. Where feedback from participants is ambiguous, we contact participants directly. The trainer can review their feedback directly from TOPS and they are also debriefed by the Operations Director.

  • Step 9: Ongoing Monitoring

    Our TOPS system makes it easy to monitor average feedback ratings on all trainers worldwide, and any dips below the highest of standards stand out for immediate attention.

  • Step 10: Always Maintain the Highest standards

    We support our trainers, and offer training and advice to re-calibrate from poor performance. However, unlike our normal staff there is only a single opportunity to rebound from below par professionalism. We have trainers queuing to work for us, we only work with the trainers that consistently deliver to the highest standards.

    Trainer selection, recruitment, on-boarding and ongoing management is gruelling and ongoing, it is also something that we take great pride in - and is one of the most important aspects of our quality and consistency.

    We provide ongoing opportunities for professional development and collaboration for our contract and staff trainers alike. Once part of the PD Training team, our trainers stay with us. We are proud to have one of the highest retention rates in the industry.