Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course

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Have you ever found yourself rambling on and stumbling for answers? Do you sometimes have a hard time communicating your ideas to others?

The PD Training Think On Your Feet® training course teaches you the "capsules-of-persuasion" concept - 10 plans that structure one's ideas to achieve a quick impact and remove any guesswork from your conversations.

This internationally acclaimed workshop teaches critical skills to help you get your ideas across clearly, concisely and persuasively.

This dynamic training course is now available now throughout New Zealand, including Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

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Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course
Learning Outcomes
Course Outline
  • Learning Outcomes - Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course

    After completing this course participants will be able to:

    • Learn to speak with brevity, clarity & persuasively
    • Master getting to the point and being remembered
    • Learn effective fall-back techniques when caught off-guard
    • Learn to present ideas effectively
    • Handle questions quicker, more concisely & persuasively
    • Add depth to ones own messages using "visual" pegs
    • Learn to avoid common communication traps
    • Divide information into facets, aspects or perspectives
    • Learn to bridge from question to answer
    Duration: 2 day course

  • Course Outline - Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course

    Download Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course Outline


    The ability to Think on Your Feet® is now a core skill. It means getting your ideas across clearly, concisely, persuasively (and being remembered). Everyone wants you to get to the point - Quickly. Think on Your Feet® introduces the “capsules-of-persuasion” concept – 10 plans that structure your ideas quickly, for impact.

    Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 1
    Getting to the Point & Being Remembered
    • Techniques to Package Persuasion
    • Structuring Ideas Simply and Clearly
    • Speaking in Different Situations:
      • one-on-one
      • on the phone
      • in meetings
      • informal presentations
      • e-mails
    Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 2
    Presenting Your Ideas
    • Using three-part plans to display analysis 
    • Helping your listener understand by placing your ideas into a simple, unifying structure 
    • Relying on structured reasoning to answer questions quickly
    Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 3
    Using Handy Fall-Back Techniques When You're Caught Off Guard
    • Making Sense Out of a Mass of Facts
    • Explaining Step-by-Step Processes Clearly
    Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 4
    Handling Questions Quickly, Clearly and Persuasively
    • Following the “Rule of Threes”
    • Creating Logical Pegs to Hang your Thoughts On
    • Announcing & Recapping
    Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 5
    Using "Visual" Pegs as Your Structure
    • Achieving Impact
    • Supporting Large and Complex Topics
    • Adding Depth to Your Message
    Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 6
    Avoiding Common Communication Traps
    • Keeping on Track
    • Avoiding Information Overload
    • Addressing Your Listener’s Core Concerns
    Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 7
    Dividing Information into Facets, Aspects or Perspectives
    • Achieving Objectivity
    • Expressing Thoughtfulness
    • Addressing Issues from Different Viewpoints
    Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 8
    Bridging from Question to Answer
    • Buying Time
    • Answering the Right Question
    • Handling Objections and Tough Questions Positively
    Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 9
    How to Broaden or Focus Your Listener's Perspective
    • Moving from Detail to Big picture or Vice Versa
    • Handling Sensitive or Confidential Information
    • Countering Sweeping Generalisations
    Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 10
    Moving Two Opposing Viewpoints to a Middle Ground
    • Negotiating a Win-Win Outcome
    • Dealing with Conversational Topics
    • Moving to Action
    Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 11
    Selling the Benefits of Your Products, Ideas, Services
    • Presenting Benefits not Features
    • Showing Advantages to Your Listener
    • Employing the “So What” Test
    Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 12
    Fleshing Out Your Ideas
    • Using Examples to Increase Understanding and Recall
    • Developing Ideas Through the Use of Opposites
    • Explaining an Idea by Cause and Effect
    Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 13
    Telling a Story: Who? What? Where? Why? When?
    • Ensuring all relevant information is included 
    • Arranging the 5W's as your idea peg
    • Combining the 5W's with other techniques
    Think on Your Feet® (2-days) Training Course - Lesson 14
    Combining Think on Your Feet® Formats to Build Longer Presentations
    • Shaping content for your listeners
    • Preparing informal and formal presentations quickly and effectively
    • Delivering a persuasive message

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